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Get your FREE guide to training and eating for fat loss

10 days of tips, straight to your inbox, from the best there is, on how to workout and eat to get the body you want.

Ready to burn fat with me in 90 days?

Take Flight is 12 weeks of fat burning, 30-minute workouts, for everyone.

All guided by your very own personal coach. Made by the best, to help you transform your body - now.

Get your FREE guide to training and eating for fat loss

10 days of tips, straight to your inbox, from the best there is, on how to workout and eat to get the body you want.

What Can You Expect?

Take Flight is an online fitness programme designed for people with beginner or intermediate fitness levels; the only thing you need is the motivation to achieve your goals.

You can expect a unique mix of running, bodyweight resistance and plyometric circuit training to create an effective full-body workout, unlike anything you've tried before.

No equipment necessary, and all sessions are under 30 minutes. No barriers = no excuses.

What's Inside Take Flight

Work out in your own time

All we need is 30 minutes of your time, three days a week, for 12 weeks. You choose the days, and we’ll do the rest.

Take Flight makes scheduling easy from the start; just let us know when works for you.

Real-time training videos

We can’t do the reps for you, but we can coach you every step of the way with the real-time workouts and in-depth guides.

For every rep of every session, we provide videos to show you how they are performed and even perform the session with you - just press play when you're ready to go.

Take Flight is made of up varied circuit-style training, built on three core principles - run, jump & work.

Elite nutrition tips

Exercise is only part of the picture.

You'll be getting regular nutrition tips and videos added to your portal, with expert advice from some of the most respected nutritionists in sport and fitness.

One to one support, every step of the way

Stay supported and accountable with your own personal coach, assigned to you and on hand to help you at every stage of your journey.

Why Take Flight?

Take Flight is not just another workout plan. Using experience from the absolute elite of sport science and fitness, this is a level of knowledge that, until now, has been inaccessible to all but the top sportspeople.

I've created these tailored exercise sessions with my team to be progressive, increasing in intensity over the 12-week programme to help you stay on track.

Combining my unique training advice with expert nutrition information as well as support every step of the way, you will achieve amazing results, healthy lifestyle changes and a better you.

Just £39 a month, for three months, or £107 one off fee for 3 months access!

Online platform

When you sign up, you will access your personalised online training portal and dashboard, from any device you want - computer, mobile, tablet. This is the centre of your Take Flight.

Log in and work out

No hanging around. Just log in, and tell us when you can train. We'll build your schedule instantly and that's it - you're good to go.

Progress tracker

If you can measure it, you can improve it. You'll be asked to fill out details about yourself, from weight to waist size, in order to best keep track of your progress.

Stay motivated

The best workout plan is one you can stick to. The team and I will motivate and support you every step of the way, and you'll get regular reminders and tips to keep you on track.

12 weeks later...

Welcome to the new you.

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Take Flight FAQ's

How long does Take Flight last?

Take Flight is a 12-week online programme. You simply log in and follow along online, as my team and I help you get into the best shape of your life. As long as you can commit to three sessions a week for 30 minutes, Take Flight is for you.

Is Take Flight just for athletes?

No. I’ve used my 12 years of knowledge to put the Take Flight system together but I’ve purposely not made Take Flight for elite athletes. It’s for men and women just like you who want to change their body, tone up and get fit.

What level of fitness do I need to take part in Take Flight?

The way Take Flight is structured is that anyone can follow along and workout. The hardest part about fitness is getting started, or re-started if you’ve fallen off the wagon. Take Flight will help those who are just starting out trying to get fit, or those who need a fresh approach to their fitness regime.

Do I need any equipment?

No. Every exercise in Take Flight is progressive bodyweight movements and you don’t need any equipment.

How do I access Take Flight?

You can access Take Flight anywhere on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. Simply connect to WiFi, log in and work out. It’s that simple.

How do I join Take Flight?

Simply click the link to secure your place. I’m only looking for 100 people to join initially with the early access. Take Flight is just £39 a month, for three months, or a £107 one off fee for 3 months access!, and will get you into the best shape of your life.

Join Take Flight - Click Here