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Terms & Conditions



The training contained within the Take Flight by Greg Rutherford online platform is pre-set, and therefore new workouts will not be created upon request.

You will receive details on the exact structure to including the duration, rep range and amount of sets. This also includes guidance or correct lifting techniques through text guides, videos and audio.

By signing up the company's online plans you are trusting this approach and whilst feedback is appreciated, disagreeing with our methods on the basis of other professionals point of view will not result in any aspect of the plans being re-designed or warrant a refund.

Training is only permitted once a day and no more. Once your chosen plan begins you will be in complete control of the results. In order to achieve with this program you need to stick to it 100%, this includes training and following sensible dietary advice. It is not the responsibility of the company to ensure that you adhere to the programs correctly.

It is also important that you fully understand that the basic nutrition tips given from TPDM1 Ltd are followed at your own risk and responsibility, and that you MUST consult with a medical professional before making any dietary changes.


Our support team are on hand to answer any of your questions or queries from: Monday through to Friday - 9am to 5pm
Saturday and Sunday - closed
Bank Holidays - closed.

Christmas and New Year - office closure will be made available 2 weeks (14 days in advance).

In the event of staff training and office closure you will be notified 2 weeks (14 days) in advance. Please note the production of plans will remain in place and not be affected.


The payment method for the plan is 3 monthly instalments by way of subscription. We do not accept cash or cheques.In choosing to pay you are entering into a 3 month contract with TPDM1 Ltd. You have committed yourself to the full length of the program and must understand that you are paying for the plan on a month by month basis.

If a payment is cancelled, cannot be taken due to insufficient funds, or has been refused by Stripe a reminder email will be sent to you requesting the outstanding payment. This can be paid from your original payment method, directly into our company account or by credit card. If the funds have not been received within 5 days of the due date, a £15 admin fee will be charged in addition.

to the arrears. In the event that we have not heard from you and payment isn't successfully received within 5 working days, a further email will be sent advising you that if outstanding funds are not received we reserve the right to pass your details over to our chosen debt collection agency to enable us to recover the costs. This email; will represent the final demand for payment and will be in line with the statutory 30 days period in accordance with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. Additional charges will apply in this instance. Refunds will only be applied in the event of proven injury (official medical document) or exceptional circumstances agreed by TPDM1 Ltd.

Please understand that by purchasing the you are entering into a 3 month payment plan/contract with TPDM1 Ltd. Once you commit to this agreement payments cannot be cancelled until you reach the end of the 3 months.


When following the company plans you are doing so responsibly with your own guidance and take full responsibility for the effects on your body which you may experience along the way.

As with any exercise program you assume certain risks to your health and safety. Any form of exercise program can cause injuries, and any of the plans from TPDM1 Ltd is no exception.

It is possible that you may become injured doing the exercises in your program, especially if they are done with poor form or incorrectly. If you choose to participate in these risks, you do so of your own free will and accord, knowingly and voluntarily assuming all risks associated with such exercise activities. These risks also exist for those who are currently in good health right now.

Our company does not act as medical doctors. You MUST consult your doctor before beginning ANY of our plans or exercise programs, no exceptions. You MUST consult your doctor/physical therapist immediately in the event or illness or injury and follow their direct advice which could mean stopping the plan altogether. You are using the chosen plan at your own risk and TPDM1 Ltd is not responsible for any injuries or health problems you may experience or even death as a result of using the Take Flight by Greg Rutherford plan.

TPDM1 Ltd maintains the correct and appropriate insurance with a reputable UK Insurer, we ensure our policy is renewed on an annual basis and details of our cover can be provided upon written request. Any and all potential claims need to be made in writing and a company representative will respond within 30 days. TPDM1 Ltd is the liable party for all complaints.


TPDM1 Limited may use your personal information to provide products and associated services you request to administer your account and to contact you for feedback on your use of such products and services. If you provide your email address when you register with us or buy from us, we will not send unsolicited marketing material to you. All information supplied will be held by TPDM1 Ltd and will remain secure and confidential. Your details will not be passed on to any third parties or used for marketing purposes in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The data will only be disclosed to employees of TPDM1 Limited to enable them to produce your plans. The data will be kept securely for as long as you are our client.


Since TPDM1 Ltd is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished and the product is sent.

As a customer you are responsible for understanding this when purchasing any product from our site and in the unlikely event of the plans not being to your liking or falling in line with personal circumstance be that lifestyle or financial, this would not warrant a refund.

However, we realise that exceptional circumstances can take place with regards to both the character of the product we supply and your personal life.

Therefore, we may honour requests for a refund for the following reasons:

  1. Product not-as-described and as detailed above in our terms and conditions: such issues should be reported within 3 days from the date the product is received. Clear evidence must be provided proving that the purchased product is not as it is described either on the website and or in our terms and conditions. Complaints which are based merely on the customer's false expectations or wishes are not honoured.
  2. In the event of serious debilitating illness or injury. Confirmation of this in the form of a doctor's note or medical certificate will need to be provided before consideration.


If you have a serious complaint, which was unable to be resolved via customer services please contact

I confirm I have fully read and understood the above terms of business and am therefore happy to proceed with my purchase and working with TPDM1 Limited.